Project MATHS

Mothers Against teaching hate in SChools

What is Project MATHS?

Project MATHS stands for “Mothers Against Teaching Hate in Schools.” We are dedicated to stop the wrongful spread of hate against groups and individuals, especially when it is aimed at young students in the education system. It is imperative that in this day and age where Muslims are being discriminated and demonized in schools, that we try and educate people on what is true and what is being fabricated.

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Who are our Threats?

— Main Threats

Our main threat in the US is the Hindutva supremacist threat by the RSS and it’s fronts such as HSS and VHP-A as they are the fastest growing hate movement other than the White supremacists and they are still not being watched as closely by the FBI. Click below to learn more about them and their efforts to spread hate.

— Foreign Threats

Aside from out main threats, we also have a lot of foreign threats that we keep an eye on. These include Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian extremist groups. The FBI does not monitor many of these groups closely, so we try to spread awareness regarding their many tactics and strategies they use to encourage the spread of hate.

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